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Tips and Tricks for Literature Searches

Use credible search engines There is a great need to search for credible and reliable literature especially when using online databases. First of all, to get relevant literature one has to search using various databases. There are many databases where one can find research sources but the key thing to finding a good database is recognizing the database that can provide peer reviewed or scholarly journal articles. After that step it is now time to choose that search database has scholarly journals with relevant literature on the topic. There are databases that are specifically designed for various academic fields and one has to choose the one that suits him or her. Mainly use the peer reviewed scholarly journal When using the search database, it is important to narrow down the search to peer reviewed or scholarly journals. After that one has to use various search terms according to the topic under study and these will yield different results. In order to get specific relevant results to the topic under study, one has to use specific terms to ensure the articles will give relevant and credible information for the topic being studied. Boolean operators can be use in order to ensure the search results are more specific as well as direct to the topic. Take into considerations of the date of publication

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